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Closed Sundays

Our hours are Monday - Saturday 8am-5pm and Sundays we are closed until spring.

Canning Okra

Here is a great recipe to keep your fresh okra lasting longer!

Watering Schedule

Summer is here, be sure to keep your landscape drought-free. Click here for our watering tips.

Spring is in the Air!

We are getting new plants, flowers, and trees in daily.  Stop in to see what is blooming!


Oklahoma Redbud
A true eye-catcher throughout spring providing clusters of pinkish-purple...

Urbanite Ash
This fall beauty provides a deep, yellow bronze color through autumn,...

Bald Cypress
The leaves on this tree are very fine and feathery,...

Chinese Pistache
Another beauty in the fall, the foliage can be a deep red, a yellow-bronze...

Heritage River Birch
The paper-peeled bark is what makes this multi-trunked tree unique....