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Spring is in the Air!

We are getting new plants, flowers, and trees in daily.  Stop in to see what is blooming!

Grow Your Own Garden - Time to Prepare

Click here for a list of tips to start planning your garden.  Cool season veggies are ready to be planted.  

Seasonal Gardening Tips

Here are our winter tips to get your lawn and garden ready for spring.


Oklahoma Redbud
A true eye-catcher throughout spring providing clusters of pinkish-purple...

Urbanite Ash
This fall beauty provides a deep, yellow bronze color through autumn,...

Bald Cypress
The leaves on this tree are very fine and feathery,...

Chinese Pistache
Another beauty in the fall, the foliage can be a deep red, a yellow-bronze...

Heritage River Birch
The paper-peeled bark is what makes this multi-trunked tree unique....