Garden Vegetables

Are you looking to start a garden this year?  Now is a great time to plant your cool season vegetables.

We have received our onions & potatoes in for early spring planting.  We carry red and yellow onion plants which will reach maturity in 60-120 days.  You will want to plant these 4″ apart and about an inch deep.  Keep your spacing between your rows from 1 1/2 to 2′ to provide easy access to your crops.  The best time to get them in the ground for Oklahoma is between February 15-March 15.

We also carry Texas Super Sweet 1015Y, Yellow & White Granex and Red Sweet Burgundy onion sets.  These are to be planted like the onion plants

Foster’s also carries White Kinnebec, Red Pontiac & Yukon Gold potatoes.  Potatoes will yield a crop in 90-120 days and are best when planted between February 15-March 15.  Plant these 1 ft. apart and about 4″ deep keeping your spaces in between the rows to about 3 ft.

We also carry garlic heads in the Jumbo California Softneck variety.

If you have any questions, please call!

Happy Gardening!!