Watering Through the Summer Months

Watering seems simple & easy, but there are a few rules you need to follow to ensure that your plants are getting an adequate amount of H20 while not drowning them (yes, that is a possibility).

When to water?  Watering is essential when your first install any part of your landscape, from trees and shrubs to flowers in a beautiful pot.  Water any new plants in with a good soak to help them establish their roots and to replenish their thirst from store to home.   For existing plants or trees, watering should be done when the plant has a chance to dry out, while not getting deprived.  Plants do not like to stay in water, as this can drown them and actually kill the plant.

How to water – Watering needs are pretty consistent for almost any plant.  Schedule watering for the early morning hours.  This will help the leaves to dry off during the day, which if they stay too wet, can cause them to grow a fungus.   When you water, try your best to water at ground level, instead of spraying the entire plant.  It would make sense to water the leaves, but the water soaks in at the root, and spreads the moisture up to its leaves.

If you are watering a larger shrub, tree or flower bed, turn the water on a light drip and allow it to soak for 30 minutes to an hour.  Do this each and every time that the root system drys.  Check this by going an inch or two into the soil and feeling for moisture.  If it is damp, wait to water.

Rain – there is nothing better then when Mother Nature gives us a light repreive in the dog days of summer with a nice, cool rain shower.  If it is an adequate ammount of rain, at least 1.5″, you can consider that a good watering to your plants.  If it is a light sprinkle, it is best to still plan on watering as normal.

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