Winter Bird Feeding

During the cold winter, a great way to add color to your yard is by winter feeding wild birds.  By putting up a bird feeder in your yard, you can attract wild birds to a spot where you can easily see them from your window. You will be surprised at how entertaining and also relaxing it is to watch the different species of birds stop by for dinner.

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Not only is bird feeding fun, it also helps birds through harsh winter conditions when food may be hard to find or buried.  A great idea is to fill different feeders with different seeds at many heights.  This will attract a variety of birds to your lawn.  It is also a great way to get your kids involved, and they love helping out and seeing the birds come by their house.

A few tips:

*clean your  feeders when they look dirty or after a rain so the seeds don’t get clogged.  Use a mild bleach/water mixture with warm water and a scrub brush.

*hang the feeders at different heights to encourage more birds.

*wash your hands thoroughly after filling feeders.

*store seed in a cool, dry place to keep it from getting wet.  This also keeps it away from rodents getting a snack.

*put up bird houses or boxes to encourage nesting all year round.