Winter Gardening Tips

Fall/Winter Planting: Once leaves fall off the trees, it is a great time to plant trees or shrubs.  In the winter months, when plants are dormant, it is a great time to transplant plants.

Pruning:  This time of year is a great time to prune. Limb up any shrubs or trees to lightly shape the overall look.  Remove dead heads (old blooms) off of any perennials.

Weed Control:  Get rid of any weeds that might stick around through the winter months by spot spraying with herbicides or pulling them by the root.  Apply an application for winter weeds as soon as possible to control henbit, chickweed and dandelion.

Pre-Emerge:  Pre-emerge your lawn and flower beds to keep those weeds out of sight through the winter.

Fertilize:  Give your trees and shrubs a healthy boost with an application of Milorganite® or Fish Emulsion fertilizers which are organic and non-burning.  

Mulch: After you plant your new annuals or perennials, make sure to put down a good application of mulch, which will help retain moisture throughout the winter.

Pest Control: We can help you determine the best prevention for your trees/shrubs to withstand pests.  Prevention is the best way to control bugs and diseases.  If you currently have a pest problem, bring in a clipping and we can direct you to a chemical to treat the specific problem.

Water: Don’t forget plants and trees still need water in the winter, especially if we go a couple of weeks without any moisture.  Make sure there is moisture in the ground if a freeze is on the forecast to help insulate your plants.   Click here to read through our watering guide to keep your plants and trees healthy.

Gardening:  Start to get your vegetable gardens ready if you plan on planting cool season vegetables.  Turn your garden over to get ready for planting in February for onions, garlic, potatoes, broccoli, radishes, etc.

Garden Planning: Now is the time to be thinking of your flower beds for spring.  You can plant Annuals (one season only) and Perennials (come back yearly) to provide beautiful color to flower beds and pots.  Look through your existing flower beds to see what holes to fill in with plants or what needs to be replaced.  We would be glad to talk to you about plants that will work in certain areas of your landscape.  Call us if you need any assistance on how to plan your flower beds or garden.

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